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.223 FMJ 55gr-Reman-30rds

(12 customer reviews)


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30rd Pack

Callaway Ballistics’ remanufactured .223 line features X-treme’s 55-grain .223 caliber full-metal-jacket projectile, loaded in remanufactured brass to our tried-and-true specifications, ensuring consistent shooting in semi-automatic firearms. Our brass treatment process ensures that our remanufactured ammunition looks as close to new as possible while maintaining safe case thickness, as well as preventing all foreign material from being introduced into the manufacturing process. Our customers can be sure that every single round is manually inspected so that all characteristics conform to SAAMI standards. Each box contains 30rds of quality ammunition.

Max order limit: 50


Check out this video of youtuber, Who_Tee_Who, doing mag dumps and 100yd groups!


Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in



.223 Remington







12 reviews for .223 FMJ 55gr-Reman-30rds

  1. bladesmith3 (verified owner)

    really fast shipping. wonderful packing job. ammo looks and functioned perfectly.
    so yes i would recommend this company and ammo.

  2. Patrick Davidson (verified owner)

    Ordered on Sept 4 and recieved them on Sept 7, very fast, well packed, accurate, and reliable. Defened my house from pumpkins last night

  3. Sergio Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I bought .223 ammo. It came in 4 days. It was well packaged. I removed and inspected and they looks fine. I tested a week later and no faults. I will buy more from Callaway Ballistics and I recommend them. Thanks my friends for the high quality work and product.

  4. fskallen3 (verified owner)

    Ordered on August 5th and received on August 6th !! Packaged well and cycled perfectly. Nice to do business with them and will continue to do so!!

  5. Austin Dill (verified owner)

    GREAT QUALITY! EXTREMELY CLEAN , shiny golden gun food. These rounds are better quality than Alot of the “new” rounds I’ve purchased other places. I bought a couple hundred to test and I will absolutely be buying more ZERO FAILURES. love it

  6. THCollins (verified owner)

    AWESOME AMMO!!! My AR loves these freedom seeds…and at a great price. Callaway Ballistics has my business for a long time!

  7. John Fenchak (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! Fast shipping, shiny casings, never had a issue. I plan on making this my go-to .223 ammo. I can also appreciate 2 things that you done see anywhere else. 1. Coupon codes posted on the site, no more hunting around. 2. Shipment is pack exceptionally well. Never had a busted up case/ carton. Keep pumping these babies out!

  8. Alistair B Beeman (verified owner)

    Great ammo that ran perfectly in a 12.5” barrel with Bootleg BCG and an H1 buffer running an OCM5. Pleasantly surprised as this was my first reman purchase. Shipping was lightning fast!

  9. Richard Staley (verified owner)

    One of my favorite ammo stores! Great prices, fast shipping, quality products! I really like this .223/5.56 ammunition. It ran flawlessly and smoothly in my gun. Highly recommend Callawayballistics to all.

  10. Freeman Ogburn III (verified owner)

    This is my go to surplus ammo for training and competition shooting, accuracy has been great within 100 yards which is what I normally shoot. The price and shipping speed is unbeatable for the quality you get for remanufactured ammo. I even suggested this ammo to a couple friends, no faults in the ammo found from them either. I rarely leave reviews but man Callaway has been doing the damn thing for me.

  11. Keith Price (verified owner)

    I’m retired and now work part time for a State Wildlife Commission as a RSO and I hear people talk about and see people use high $ ammo all the time. I see their results and they look good. I use CALLAWAY REMAN AMMO ONLY when I shoot. My results are equal to and/or better than the high $ ammo users. I’ve been using Callaway Reman ammo for about 18 months now. At the range training/practicing once a week every week. I run competitions occasionally. Ive had absolutely NO ISSUES with Callaway Reman. Price is right, Turn around time is great. I share this info with folks at the range every day I work because it gets the job done. Keep it coming Callaway!

  12. PistolGrip44 (verified owner)

    This is not the first time that I have ordered ammo from Callaway Ballistics. That, in itself, should tell you something. 5 Stars, Each and every time. Great prices and fastest shipping too. From the 9mm to the .223, great performance and it does what it is supposed to do, Go BANG.
    I will be returning in the future for more.

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