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380acp TMJ 100gr-Reman

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Callaway Ballistics’ remanufactured .380acp line features X-treme’s 100-grain .380 caliber copperplated projectile, loaded in remanufactured brass to our tried-and-true specifications, ensuring consistent shooting in semi-automatic firearms. Our brass treatment process ensures that our remanufactured ammunition looks as close to new as possible while maintaining safe case thickness, as well as preventing all foreign material from being introduced into the manufacturing process. Our customers can be sure that every single round is manually inspected so that all characteristics conform to SAAMI standards. Each box contains 50rds of quality ammunition.

Max order limit: 6

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1.75 in





.380 Auto





11 reviews for 380acp TMJ 100gr-Reman

  1. Srinivasa Velagapalli (verified owner)

    new gun owner here. ordered 6 packs of this 380 reman for my ruger lcp.

    shipped on the same day and ammo is unbelievably good, zero failures out of 300 rounds

  2. Thomas Diveley (verified owner)

    Bought a few boxes. They shot well. Not a professional shooter so I have no reason to give this anything less than 5 stars.

  3. Damian Johnson (verified owner)

    I Also ordered for an lcp. High quality ammunition. I believe them when they say each round is inspected. Shot some excellent groupings with these. I will be ordering again.

  4. Kiet Lu (verified owner)

    Went through 300 rounds with my brand new Ruger LCP MAX .380 Auto with zero problem. Great price, super fast shipping to GA and outstanding customer support. This is the best place to get .380 ammo. I just ordered 6 more boxes.

  5. Hskrnva (verified owner)

    I have now ordered several boxes of 380. Shot many rounds through a Bersa Thunder and a S&W M&P 380 EZ. No problems so far, and don’t expect any in the future. Also ordered some 9 mm and not problems with those either. High quality ammo and I highly recommend them.

  6. Kent Coldren (verified owner)

    I order these for my wife’s S&W M&P Shield easy, they have never failed and look like new. Callaway Balistics has been our go to for her .380, and my 9mm with flawless performance and great service and shipping!

  7. Greg Denison (verified owner)

    Shoot 100 rounds through my Ruger Lcp. Worked perfect .

  8. Samuel Price (verified owner)

    Hove gone through over 500 rounds in both 380 and 9mm remanufactured loads so far with great results. There has only been 1 round that failed to fire and it appeared to be a bad primer. We have had no problems with feeding or cycling in either the S&W 380 EZ or the full size Springfield XDm Elite that my wife and use. So far everything works great and unless there is some issue that pops up I plan to order more.

  9. Scott Hodge (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this to practice with my LCP Max for over 6 months now. Good stuff and a good value. 500+ rounds shot and no negative issues.

  10. moorecustomknife@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Ordered 3 boxes of 380acp 100gr. Shipping was priced fair and came fast.
    Overall quality looks good. Bright, clean brass. Checked out with a chamber guage. Have not fired any yet, but no doubt that they will work.
    Packaging could use some improvements. All 3 had came open and spilled in to the larger box they shipped in.

  11. Amave (verified owner)

    Ran around 100 rounds through a Glock 42 flawlessly. Going to order more from here from now on . Best prices on the internet

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