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DJI Matrice 210 Drone Bundle


DJI Matrice 210 Drone Bundle

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DJI Matrice 210 Drone Bundle

All items guaranteed in working order. Interested parties are welcome to come test the equipment at our facility. Callaway Ballistics will also offer up to 5hrs of free training at our location, or the buyer’s location, at the buyer’s expense.

-Matrice 210 Quadcopter
-1 Cendence Controller w/ CrystalSky lcd monitor(extra controller available for an additional charge)
-DJI Hi-gain patch antenne
-2 Main battery hub chargers(each charges 4 batteries at a time)
-2 Controller battery hub chargers(each charges 2 at a time)
-4 WB-37 controller batteries
-5 sets(10) of TB-50 batteries(main drone batteries)
-3 sets(6) of TB-55 batteries(high capacity main drone batteries)
-Zenmuse Z30 long range optical zoom camera(30x optical, 180x total)
-Zenmuse Flir XT Thermal camera(640 res)
-Strobe lighting package
-DJI Hard-shell Matrice Case
-Large Pelican accessory case
-1 Extra prop set
-Other accessories upgrades available
-More training hrs available for an additional fee

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for additional info.

Matrice 210: Powerful Quacopter
The Matrice 210 is strong enough to lift two cameras simultaneously. That means you can operate side-by-side thermal-imaging and video/still cameras. Fly at up to 51.4 mph. Ascend at more than 11 mph and descend at nearly 7 mph. Because the Matrice has arms that unfold to nearly 35 inches and carry big 17-inch propellers, it is stable in crosswinds up to 22 mph. It can operate at up to 8,200 feet above sea level.

Resistance to Foul Weather, Solid Objects
The Matrice 210 is engineered to IP43 standards. That means it can resist solid objects in excess of 1mm in diameter and water sprayed from all directions, even at a 60-degree angle. With its hard shell body, the Matrice is usable in light rain. If used over sandy and dusty environments, it should be checked for and cleaned of foreign debris after use. The Matrice 200 series can be flown in temperatures as low as -4F.

Long Range
The Matrice 210 remote controller’s signals extend 4.3 miles. An available FPVLR range extender can increase that up to 3x. Drone Nerds recommends professional installation by its trained technicians unless you have experience installing antenna hardware and firmware. Drone Nerds installation is fast and economical, involving the shipment of the remote controller only.

DJI Go 4 App
The DJI Go 4 flight control app is available for downloading to a smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with any operating system from iOS 9.0 or later, and Android 4.4.0 or later. The program offers Flight Autonomy and obstacle avoidance.

Remote Controller
The included remote controller sends and receives signals up to 4.3 miles. The controller connects to a smartphone or tablet, which displays drone movement as seen through the built-in, forward-pointing FPV camera. It allows toggling from FPV to camera views. The optional 7.85-inch CrystalSky monitor aids daytime viewing, with a display that’s more than four time brighter than most tablets.

Dual Controllers Available
The use of dual remote controllers in a master-slave arrangement is optional. The pilot controls the drone from the master, and the camera operator controls camera movement and video/still recording from the slave. This allows for more detailed data collection during inspections.(2nd Controller not included)

Intelligent Flight Batteries
Matrice runs on twin batteries. TB50 batteries, at 4280 mAh, are standard. For longer flight time, there are optional TB55 batteries, at 7760mAh. Matrice 200 series batteries must be charged to within 13 percent of each other or takeoff is blocked. If one battery fails during flight, the pilot receives a warning and should land the drone. The batteries are self-heated, allowing flight in freezing temperatures. Insulation stickers are included.

Matrice Sensors
The Matrice has an array of sensors that promote precise hovering without incident. In addition to overhead infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance, Matrice 200 drones have downward and forward visioning sensors. The sensors add extra protection from striking obstacles during inspections.

Onboard, Mobile SDK
Every Matrice 200 drone has an onboard software development kit. This allows development of industry-specific programs. Compatible platforms are Windows, Linux, Embedded Systems STM 32, and ROS. Mobile SDK allows development of mobile apps for Matrice 200 drones.

Diverse Connectivity
Matrice 210 models have multifunction I/O ports for precision analog-to-digital conversion, pulse-width modulation and digital I/O functionality.

Compatible High-Performance Cameras
Opt for any in a range of professional-level Matrice-compatible cameras:

XT — With thermal imaging by FLIR, the Zenmuse XT camera reveals heat sources, including at night. Available in four fixed-lens options. Imaging at 640/30fps for highly detailed thermal images. Best uses: Electrical tower inspections, solar panel inspections, search and rescue, firefighting, precision agriculture.

Z30 — How close of a view do you want, and from how far away? The Zenmuse Z30 has a fixed lens that zooms up to 30x, with 6x distortion-free digital zoom, for a maximum 180x magnification. Best uses: Cell tower inspection, wind turbine inspection, firefighting.

X5S — With a range of optional interchangeable lenses, the Zenmuse X5S to select the focal lengths that are ideal for your needs. Video is recorded in 5.2K or 4K. Stills are recorded at 20.89MP and shot in bursts up to 20fps. Aperture and shutter control is automatic or manual. Best uses: High-quality aerial video and still photography, including mapmaking. (MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH Lens included)

Matrice 210’s Broad Applications
The Matrice 210 can be applied to a wide range of professional uses, in addition to high-quality aerial video production and photography:

Firefighting: A Matrice mounted with a DJI XT, an infrared camera that records thermal images, can detect heat sources, making it a lifesaving tool or firefighters. A Matrice so equipped can hover over a fire scene and reveal fire hidden in walls and roofs. That helps firefighters know where to attack the blaze, step on a roof safely, and vent smoke. It also can spot hotspots that need further attention.

Search-and-rescue: An XT-equipped Matrice can scan the rubble left by an earthquake, fierce storm, explosion or terrorist attack for heat sources that may indicate buried survivors. It can also spot victims of a derailment or air crash who might have taken shelter in dense woods.

Police: Surveillance is conducted away from the subject, with automatic tracking of the subject as he moves. Close-up evidentiary photos can be taken with zoom lenses.

Security: Thermal imaging can detect intruders hiding inside or outside buildings, and escapees hiding in dense foliage. Dogs may pick up the scent, but the Matrice can determine how far away fugitives are. The Matrice can patrol a sprawling roof, and it can monitor a perimeter day or night faster than a team in a vehicle or on foot. It also can view large areas that may mandate a tall view, such as a freight yard or prison yard.

Utility Inspections: A thermal-imaging Matrice can spot leaks in solar panels, pipelines (even if buried) and high-tension lines. Mounting a thermal camera and video camera simultaneously on a Matrice 210 provides additional detailed looks at hard-to-reach locations, such as the tops of wind turbines and towers.

Telecom inspections: Inspect cell towers and relay stations without the need to endanger inspectors, who remain on the ground. Images can be shared simultaneously an recorded for later study.

Construction: The Matrice can be involved in most phases, beginning with aerial imaging and data gathering for making site and topographical maps, and building 2D and 3D models. Inspections of tall structures become easier, faster and safer, and aerial photos detailing progress can be shared with regulators, decision-makers and shareholders.

Infrastructure inspections: Far-flung networks of catenary lines for trolleys and trains are seemingly smaller when inspected by a Matrice. Tall buildings seem shorter. Bridges are more easily viewed when an upward-facing camera is mounted on the Matrice 210’s top gimbal mount. If the downward mounts are used, thermal and high-definition cameras can be mounted and used simultaneously, side-by-side.

Agriculture: With a thermal camera-equipped Matrice 210 and a subscription to an online analytical service, farmers can map crops faster than from roads or fields. They can use the data collected to determine crop choices, seed selection, irrigation, planting sequences, the presence of diseases and treatment, and potential yields.

Mining: Aerial imaging and data collection can be used for highly accurate surveys and for building maps and 2D and 3D models. The Matrice can view hazardous and poorly accessed spots, such as high walls and muck piles. It also can fly visually indoors, even underground.

The M210 builds on the features from the M200 with the ability to mount multiple payload configurations – one single downward facing gimbal, dual downward-facing gimbals, or one upward-facing gimbal. The dual gimbal configuration unlocks 5 different combinations, please refer to the following table to properly mount you cameras. Left and right gimbal port is determined from the perspective of looking directly at the nose of the drone.

The M210 adds additional connectivity and power ports to support third party sensors and accessories. The M210 has the capability to support additional sensors in the future and additional payloads can be mounted on top of the aircraft. Each purchase of the M210 models comes with DJI’s CrystalSky monitor for enhanced operations.

Titan Switch:
The Switch is the latest RC Mounted Antenna System for Titan Drones. It combines the capabilities of the Atlas, Cyclone, Whip, and Control Antenna Systems with its own built in 3000 mah battery. You will also receive the mod kit for the DJI Aircraft/RC you select as well as a 9dbi gain directional panel and a 5dbi gain omni directional antenna set. As always our systems are quick connect and can be used with or without amplification on multiple aircraft RCs.

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